A Liturgical Architecture Firm’s Guide to Los Angeles Religious Buildings

Let’s face it, no one comes to Los Angeles expecting to make churches or temples a part of their sightseeing tours. We get it, it’s not Rome or Paris, and yes, the highlights are different. However, that doesn’t mean that the city doesn’t have a treasure trove of gorgeous religious buildings waiting to be admired. As a liturgical architecture firm in Los Angeles, we like to point out the beauty of these spaces to those who haven’t had the chance to admire them.

Catholic Churches in Los Angeles

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Before it was a city, Los Angeles was a Spanish Catholic mission. This legacy is carried on today, for Los Angeles still has the largest Roman Catholic Archdiocese in the United States. Almost 40% of the population practices the religion, which means there is a need for a lot of Catholic churches in the city. The Archdiocese is based in the monumental Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, located in Downtown LA. This huge modern build stands in stark contrast with the older parishes in Los Angeles, such as the Precious Blood Church in Westlake or the Blessed Sacrament Church in Hollywood. These follow in the steps of Italian Renaissance and Romanesque aesthetics. Instead, the Cathedral boasts an almost deconstructivist look that evokes a golden mountain as it welcomes believers into its nave.

Christian Churches in Los Angeles

Another near 30% of the city’s population practices a denomination of Christianity, which is represented across very distinctive types of churches across the city. The Hollywood United Methodist Church is a great example of the English Gothic Revival that stands tall amidst modern hotels and office buildings in the heart of Hollywood. A few blocks away, the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood is easily recognizable thanks to its distinctive red-brick facade in a city that tends to avoid such construction material.  In Koreatown, the First Baptist Church of Los Angeles visually mixes the English origin of the denomination with the city’s Spanish heritage in a beautiful Spanish Gothic church that has housed believers for almost a century. Half a mile away, another English Gothic Revival church, the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, is a massive steel and concrete structure that houses the world’s second-largest church organ.

Synagogues in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to over six-hundred-thousand Jewish individuals, making it the city with the second-largest Jewish population in the country. This is exemplified by the many iconic synagogues across the city. Prominent men in the film industry founded the Temple Israel of Hollywood in 1926, a Reform synagogue that today has nearly a thousand families. The Sinai Temple in Westwood, the largest Conservative Jewish congregation in Los Angeles, is a huge Modernist building designed by famed architect Sidney Eisenshtat. Perhaps the best-known synagogue in the city, the Wilshire Boulevard Temple houses the oldest Jewish congregation in Los Angeles in a massive Byzantine Revival building crowned with a very characteristic dome inspired by the Roman Pantheon. 

Liturgical Architecture Firm

These buildings, along with the hundreds of other religious structures in Los Angeles, are made to evoke an emotional reaction upon the faithful, a commute with something bigger than themselves. That is why our liturgical architecture firm in Los Angeles wants to keep adding on to that remarkable legacy. For more information on what we can do, you can call us at (310) 473-3555 or reach out to us through our website