neurofeedback therapy

Domestic Trouble and Addiction: Neurofeedback Therapy

Abusive behavior at home is often linked to alcohol and drug use. Treatment centers like Iris Healing Retreat assist in breaking this deadly cycle. Additionally, they provide an individualized plan of recovery. While there are several treatment options available in dealing with the domestic abuse linked to addiction, neurofeedback therapy works alongside traditional programs by focusing […]

laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin at Divante

Individuals with darker skin tone who want to remove their unwanted body hair might be frustrated to know that laser hair removal does not always work for them. But unwanted hair can be frustrating, even though there is an ongoing pro-body hair movement on social media.  Dark skin tones prevent laser hair removal treatment from […]

model headshots

The Importance of Good Model Headshots

Making a great first impression is crucial to you today, no matter what career path you want to take. However, in the modeling world, it can mean even more to you. You want to make sure that you get great notice, whether it is when someone is viewing your online profile, or you are going […]

skin tag removal

Where to Go for Skin Tag Removal in Southern California?

Skin tag removal options are vast. Unfortunately, if the option is not performed by a dermatologist, it is likely that the skin tag will leave a mark that can be unsightly.  Before, the only options you had were freezing, cutting it off and burning. Unfortunately, these old methods do not eliminate the whole growth. As […]

aftermarket mustang wheels

What Aftermarket Mustang Wheels Say of Your Personality?

The color and style of aftermarket Mustang wheels you choose may reflect your personality. You may opt for a certain color to make a statement. It can also be that you are fully attracted to the wheels’ style. Ford Mustang is one of the beautiful yet masculine cars in the world. The best thing about […]